The best reason to play blackjack is to enjoy the game. One should probably wonder why people love to play blackjack.

One reason is that the pursuit, blackjack training and acquired skill can pay off. The basic strategy increases the odds, card counting increases the chances of winning even more.

When you play blackjack, money is won – sometimes money is earned.

Significant effort includes memorizing the basic strategy , and the ability to work with it – to instantly make the right decision.

Counting cards is even more time-consuming work, you need to acquire the skill of counting cards and do it accurately.

Learning to play blackjack is more difficult than mastering other beginnings. To find a swimming coach, all you have to do is go to the nearest pool. Finding a blackjack coach who can teach you lessons is much more difficult.

Playing good blackjack is a rare skill.

But it is precisely a skill, a completely acquired skill. And if you are confident that you can achieve what several people have been able to achieve, then the reasons for the game become more than obvious.

To show you that blackjack is not easy to play, I suggest you watch people playing blackjack in casinos. Watch out for bugs, they won’t be hard to find. You will almost certainly find a player who thinks splitting the two tens is a good idea. You will find many players who rely on their own guesswork and luck.

It is easy to become a good blackjack player because a lot of people play badly, and at the same time it is difficult because learning takes effort.

Do you value hard work? If you want to make a living with blackjack, you have to be extremely good at card counting and look great – no one should suspect what you are counting.

Some people don’t appreciate hard work. Some people do not appreciate the meaning of reality and facts. These circumstances make people believe in luck.

  • It’s easy to believe that you are lucky or unlucky, just explain your failures as failure.
  • It’s hard enough to play blackjack well enough to admit your mistakes.
  • Sound decision making based on facts is the foundation of a good blackjack game.

A casual, emotional, thoughtless decision is a sign of bad blackjack. You need to admit your mistakes and not complain about bad luck when playing blackjack. If you see the result of failure in the loss, and in the victory the result of luck, then you do not hold the situation in your hands.

So back to the question of why play blackjack and summarize:

  • hard work pays off
  • it is interesting to win money as a result of the hard work done
  • rational solutions are better than any other options
  • we don’t believe in luck
  • we are not superstitious
  • everything depends on our efforts, and mistakes, and successes.

In general, playing blackjack requires character. By the way, character is a valuable commodity.

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