In this post I will try to deduce general rules and tips for playing blackjack. They will not tell you what decisions to make in a game situation, however, they will help you in the right thinking.

Always use a basic strategy.

Memorize the basic strategy , and strictly follow it, despite the fact that you are prompted by your sixth sense and other signs. Guesses and premonitions will not bring you victory at blackjack, it is better that your strategy is based on mathematical calculation.

Choose the table and the players behind it carefully.

Your task is to find a pleasant, fast table without outside interference and with a minimum of interruptions.

Do not play at the same table with drunk players, and just playing slowly. Slow players limit the amount of money you can win.

It is important that the dealer is both skillful and pleasant enough that you can concentrate on the game. At first glance, this point may seem unsuitable for online play, however, it can be reformulated on the Internet: choose tables with fast players and casinos with pleasant and convenient software for you.

Never use insurance.

In fact, insurance is not insurance at all, it would be more correct to call insurance an additional bet that the dealer will collect blackjack. The insurance rate, as a rule, has a mathematical expectation that is not in your favor. However, insurance can still be beneficial if you are counting cards, but this is not about that now.

Manage your money wisely.

If your goal is to win regularly at blackjack, and not to bet all and lose all at once, you need to manage your money wisely.

If you sit down at a table, set aside an amount for this play time, and do not wager more than 5% of that amount on each bet.

Thus, you will reduce the risk of bankruptcy, and you will be able to take advantage of your advantage. If you are familiar with the rules of bankroll in poker, dice and other games, you can safely apply them to money management in blackjack. All these rules, in general, boil down to one thing: do not gamble with all your money.

Tipping the dealer.

This advice is, of course, relevant for real playing in a real casino. Some players flinch at the thought of tipping the dealer, but there are reasons to tip the dealer. A friendly dealer will make the game more enjoyable, and may simply give some useful and valuable advice.

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