In this century of Internet availability, casinos can no longer hide the secrets of winning a game, especially if it’s Blackjack. One can find quite many useful tips online and improve their gaming significantly. Here we have collected the most working and at the same time straightforward tips that even beginners will find understandable.

Blackjack Playing Tips to Use in Canada’s Casinos

Nowadays, one doesn’t have to be a math whiz to count cards in a game of Blackjack and win it. Besides, card counting is already useless since most online casinos shuffle cards before every round. And those that don’t, use software that easily detects card counters and blocks them. Anyway, you can still learn how to play better using these grandiose tips Blackjack casino in Canada’s gambling sites:

  1. Always hit a Soft 17, stand on a hard 17 (or higher), split Aces and eights;
  2. Do never split fives or tens, stand on 12 through 16 if the dealer has 7 or higher;
  3. Do never over-bet or make stupid plays, but play cards sober;
  4. Don’t think you’re on a winning streak until you win.
  5. Don’t tip the dealer until you’re sure they’re cheating (they will hardly do that);

Unlike casino Roulette game, in Blackjack, you can’t exploit progressive betting. The more you bet the higher your chances are both to win and lose.

Winning Tips and Strategies for Casino Blackjack Game

All casino games are chance games since you never know what cards you’re going to be dealt with. Even so, one should never neglect a single opportunity to learn the best strategies, as well as casino Blackjack tips and tricks that will help them to win the game.

Learn the Fundamentals

Do never sit down at a Blackjack table (whether online or in a land-based casino) without memorizing the fundamentals of the game along with the basic strategy chart first. The latter is a one-page chart that shows all split, hit, stand, and double down decisions purposeful to make depending on the card combinations of both the player and the dealer. Get it in a Blackjack book or find it online.

Choose Blackjack Games with Liberal Playing Rules

By saying liberal playing rules we mean tables that:

  • pay 3 to 2 and not 6 to 5;
  • the dealer stands on soft 17;
  • players are allowed to double down on any two cards;
  • players are allowed to double after pair splitting.

You will find such tables online, too.

Don’t Make Insurance Bet

Irrespective of the money you’ve wagered on your hand, do never make the insurance bet. This way you are wagering the dealer has a downcard with a value of 10 and is to be paired with an upcard Ace. Even though the insurance bets pay 2 to 1, the actual winning odds are far lower than that. Accordingly, in case you have a Blackjack and your dealer offers you more money, you’d better decline that offer.

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