In order to win Blackjack, you need not only master the rules of competition, but also to know the strategies and betting systems that are available here. Basic rules of the 21-points game are pretty simple – you just play against a dealer who deals cards you and himself. The key point of Blackjack round is not to allow the bust. The best hand in Blackjack is a hand with cards totaling 21 points. Are you ready to learn how to win? Then lets study Blackjack betting strategies.

Progressive online Blackjack betting strategies

Professional 21-points gamers differ from newcomers primarily in a way how they use the best strategies. So, if you start using a progressive Blackjack betting system, you reach out victory much faster. Ability to place bets correct way is the main key to winning Blackjack.

In general, Blackjack betting system can be divided into 2 types. The first betting method is based on a positive progression. The second option is a negative progression of bids. With a positive progression, the meaning is that Blackjack participants increase their bets after winning. This is a conservative betting system, since a long chain of losses will not destroy the bankroll as quickly as with a negative progression.

Now take a look at the strategy of negative bid progression. Here, players raise their bets after each loss. This is more dangerous, as an unsuccessful series of losses can quickly destroy the entire budget of a player. Although, on the other hand, this way of betting allows user to win in a session in which he lost more hands than won.

These types of progressive Blackjack betting ways are most popular in online casinos for now:

  • Oscar Blackjack betting strategy;
  • Martingale method;
  • Cancellation betting progression;
  • Triplet system for Blackjack.

If you learn to use at least one of the above betting strategies on practice, you will definitely be able to win in virtual Blackjack.

Side bets system in free online Blackjack

One more type of investment in Blackjack that novice players often don’t know about is side bets. These investments may differ in various online casinos. But there are also common options that you will find in almost any Blackjack club:

  1. Super 7s. A bet option that will give to player a high payout if he wins. To do this, you only need to catch 3 sevens in a row (7). Sevens of the same suit are especially valued.
  2. Royal match stake. An additional bet on the hand is that the first pair of cards will be of the same suit, and even better if the Queen and King are of the same suit. Such bets have a large payout ratio, although it is an unfavorable advantage of the casino.
  3. Over or under 13 option. A special bet in online Blackjack on a hand in which the sum of the player’s first two cards will be more or less than 13 points.
  4. Pair square bet. Another side bet that will bring you a profit, if, of course, a pair of identical cards fall out on the first hand.

There is also Blackjack insurance bet in a virtual game. This is a unique type of side bets, with which a gamer who knows how to bet in Blackjack can return his bet or part of it in the case of an ACE drop in the dealer’s open card. This way, player prevents the loss of Blackjack and the loss of the entire bet.

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