At any modern online casino, you will find a standard set of card games that do not change in a while. These games may have an innovative design and many advanced options, but the principle of round and basic rules remain unchanged. Among the classic gambling sites with card games, central place is undoubtedly occupied by casino Blackjack. A unique gambling entertainment with a calm pace and simple rules, which nevertheless attracts gamers of all ages.

Basic rules and odds of playing online Blackjack

Before starting a game round, learn the basic rules of Blackjack. They do not differ from the principles of playing the game in a land-based casino. Although, today there are several types of Blackjack and each option has its own features. In any case, the key point for a gamer of Blackjack casino is to beat the dealer’s hand. In this game, the round participants do not compete between each other, but only between themselves and the dealer. Perfect combination of cards in Blackjack is 21 points. A player who beats the dealer wins casino Blackjack round.

To figure out Blackjack, learn the odds of this competition. It is important to know, what rules and odds casino Blackjack has and how they affect the gameplay. First of all, never forget that in Blackjack the advantage is on the dealer’s side and it is approximately 8%. This happens because the dealer’s hand opens and only gets there after the players have made decisions about their hands. Using the basic strategy, you can turn the casino’s advantage from 8% to your advantage of 0.5%. Also, the ability to count cards during a round has a positive effect on the result of players.

The main term for a gamer in Blackjack is not to take too much cards. Below is a list that shows what the probability of over maximum is if you take the next card with a certain hand:

  • 21 points – 100% probability of over max at casino Blackjack;
  • 20 points – 92%;
  • 18 points – 77%;
  • 15 points – 58%;
  • 12 points to 31%.

The risk of over maximum is reduced to a minimum of 0% if your cards total no more than 11 points.

Top Blackjack apps 2020

Today, a number of online casino Blackjack players prefer to compete on the go and they know how to play. To do this, they install convenient apps on their smartphones or tablets and compete in a 21-point game, even without an Internet connection. In order to choose the best online Blackjack game app, you need to have some experience in a virtual casino. Not all game programs are equally reliable and safe. In order to protect yourself from scammers, trust only proven software that has an excellent reputation in the world of gambling.

In 2020, professional Blackjack casino users advise newcomers to choose the following apps with casino games Blackjack:

  1. Blackjack by KamaGames;
  2. Blackjack 21: House of Blackjack;
  3. Blackjack by Tripledot Studios.

These top Blackjack programs will suit the most sophisticated gamers who are looking for an optimized gaming experience. As soon as you install any app from the list to your device, various versions of Blackjack will be available to you. You will play day and night long and improve your game level, turning from a beginner to a real expert. All these apps have stunning graphics and a large set of progressive options. Blackjack apps also allow you to play offline single-player games. This is an advantage over a mobile browser game that requires an Internet connection.

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